Monday, January 23, 2017

TNValleyDeals: $16 at Rice Box in Florence for $8

8 Bucks gets you a great lunch or dinner! This is an offer that can't be beat anywhere!

At The Rice Box, patrons can enjoy the entertainment and elegant flavors of teppanyaki-style dining in front of hibachi artists. The teppanyaki experience invites bold guests to take seats around a grill and watch master chefs juggle flames, knives, vegetables, seafood, meats, and appetites as they whip up meals before diners' growling stomachs and flickering eyes.

The menu tantalizes tongues with combos of steak, teriyaki chicken and shrimp. Sushi selections are the widest in the area.

The Rice Box features Teppanyaki Lunch, Teppanyaki Dinner, Soup, Salad, Lunch Special, Lunch Bento Box, Japanese Steak Seafood & Sushi, From Sushi Bar, Entrees, Beer & Wine, Appetizers

Purchase a $16.00 certificate for $8.00 from TNValleyDeals for a limited time!

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