Sunday, November 27, 2016

Apple Store: Free Code Workshops December 5-11

"We believe that learning to code opens doors to future opportunities. So as part of Computer Science Education Week, we’re hosting free workshops at the Apple Store December 5–11 to support the Hour of Code."

Two workshops will be offered:

Explore the fundamentals of code
This workshop is designed for kids and parents who have basic iPad skills and are new to coding. Using resources from, this session teaches the basic concepts of code using simple drag-and-drop interactions.
Write your first line of code
This workshop teaches kids to write code using Swift, an intuitive programming language created by Apple. Using the Swift Playgrounds app, they’ll master the basics and move on to more advanced creations.

You MUST register in advance (scroll to the right to see the available times -- you sign in with your Apple ID to register your children).

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