Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Kroger ClickList: Online Ordering, In Store Pick Up

Kroger is now offering online purchasing and in-store pickup for your groceries!  Similar to WalMart Grocery visit Kroger's Website, sign in, and choose your groceries.

I like that it recommends purchases for you based on your shopping history from your Kroger card!  You can also choose whether you will allow substitutions if an item is out of stock.

Two things to note at this point:  prices are subject to change and there is a $4.95 fee for this service -- it is waived for your first three purchases.

You CAN use digital coupons for your purchases -- they won't show online but will be deducted on your receipt.  You can also use paper coupons -- they will ask you for them when you arrive to pick up.

After you are finished (there is no minimum purchase requirement!) you reserve your pick up time.  The reservations times are for the next day.  You cannot modify the pick up time after you place your order.

You go to your selected store at your time to the reserved area and pay once you arrive -- or depending on your location you pay online!

My personal review and thoughts:
You have until midnight to update or change your order via the Order History tab.  It takes a while (right under an hour for me) to be able to see/modify your order history.  From my experience, make sure your cart is correct before you order -- it is a pain to try and fix it.  Also, don't place your order at 10:45 pm like I did -- if you do need to change something you won't have time before midnight.  I personally had a horrible experience trying to order -- there was a glitch and I couldn't modify, remove or cancel my order.  The ladies at the Kroger on Jeff were super friendly and helpful -- while we didn't get the online portion straightened out I was able to only purchase the items I needed.

Has anyone tried this service yet?  Compared it to Walmart Grocery?  Thoughts?


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