Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Aldi: 24-30 August 2016

Here are the best deals this week at North Alabama Aldi locations:

Aldi does not take coupons. Make sure to bring your own bags and take a quarter for cart rental (you’ll get it back when you return the cart). Aldi does not take checks but they now accept credit cards!

Cantaloupe, $0.99
Organic Grape Tomatoes, pint, $1.29
Mushrooms, 8 oz., $0.79
Organic Bananas, $0.65/lb.
Carrots, baby, 16 oz,. $0.49
Corn, 20 oz., $0.99
Cucumbers, $0.25
Grapes, red seedless, $0.79/lb.

Chicken Breast, boneless skinless, $1.49/lb.
Pork Chops, boneless, thick cut, $2.99/lb.
Ground Beef, 80% lean, $3.49/lb.
Pork Ribs, $2.89/lb.
Hot Dogs, 12 oz., $0.79

Eggs, large dozen, $0.49 Limit 6
Lemonade, 59 oz., $1.49
Cheese, sliced, 7-8 oz., $1.79-$1.99

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