Saturday, June 15, 2013

Target Mobile: Save $50 on iPhone purchase

Target currently has an awesome promo going on in their mobile department:  through July 6, trade in any working cell phone and get the value of your phone PLUS an extra $50 toward the purchase of an iPhone!

Since my husband and I were both eligible for an upgrade, we each traded in our iPhone 4 for an iPhone 5 and have a gift card with $28 still left on it!  I was sad I didn't get to keep my old phone (I let my boys play with it) but we couldn't have afforded a new phone without this program.  Now we just have to buy new car chargers and cases since they changed both of those with the 5 (:

You can check the value of your current phone online if you want...I'm not sure if the online quote is different than the one in the store though.


  1. Does this work if you trade in a phone that is not an iphone?

  2. Yes, you can trade in any phone, but the $50 discount is only good towards the purchase of an iPhone.