Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Skip the Clip: Digital Coupons at Publix

Publix stores in the North Alabama area are now participating in a pilot digital coupon program starting today.  I received a flyer about the new program when I went to my store this evening.  (Go here to see a full list of participating locations).

Basically, you go to http://www.publix.com/dcoupon/ and sign up.  Select the coupons you want (some will double, some won't; some are store coupons but it's difficult to tell which ones they are).  When you get to the register you put your phone number in the pin pad and the coupons will come off automatically.

My only hesitation is the same with the Kroger ecoupon program:  it looks like once you add a coupon you can't take it off and since it comes off first before any other manufacturer coupons, make sure you don't have a paper coupon you'd rather use instead.

Anyone tried this program yet?  Thoughts?

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